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ACHIEVING SERENITY while enjoying the fast pace of western Life

Life is beautiful, like a magnificent walkway through Time. 

There is no form of worry that will make things better. 

Your Hero is deep within your self.

No one knows you better.


     Take a moment to pull away from the chaos of the world.  Sit quietly.  Focus on nature around you, a soothing photo, or close your eyes, and give attention to your breathing. Tell your shoulders to relax. Tell your facial features to relax.  Think of nothing except your breath.  Ahhhh. The world continues on without you and suddenly you feel so much better.


      Imagine catching a few minutes of this daily. Imagine how your body will rejoice.  Your mind will de-clutter quickly if given a moments peace. You are in control of everything within.  You can choose your thoughts.  You can choose to let go.  You can choose to be a chaotic commotion. It’s all your choice. 


       I love Relaxing. Finding an easy-to-learn, quick method to add relaxation to my daily life is highly appreciated. Green Tea Meditation does this for me.  In a very brief time four important life issues are addressed:  Health, Love, Desire, and Forgiveness. Unattended they create worry and anxiety.  Embracing these four holds the key to happiness.


      All forms of meditation will put you in better control of your life. It quiets the stressful chatter going on in the mind.  It opens universal doors to the life you dream of living. Meditation is simple yet its rewards are grand. Awareness and Gratitude will set up house inside you. Acceptance and Admiration of others becomes second nature. And best of all, meditation opens a new love of self in a humble manner.


Meditation has transformed my life.

I can easily let go of worries that use to eat at me.

I can see past appearances and rest assured everything will turn out for the good.

Anxiety will calm when you are clear headed about your goals.

Meditation quiets your fears, helps you live in the present,

and plan a future confidantly. 




Pour a Steamy Drink;

Pull Up A Seat!

I have taken my classes online.

Please join us Every Saturday morning.


We meet on my FB page:

Calm Is The New Happy

8 AM pst / 11 AM est

     Have you ever questioned whether meditation can truly make a difference in your life? Sometimes a better understanding of what is going on inside our brain helps lift the belief level. In very simple layman's terms, the brain, a highly active organ, triggers neuronal pathways with each passing thought. These neurons are creating memories, storage, searching for old and connecting new patterns.


      Meditation is calming the thought process while also creating new neuronal connectors. The calming sensation strengthens the connective links attached to empathy and the understanding of others. At the same time the calming senses are weakening neuronal connectors associated with fear. Reactive sensations reduce even more with repetitive meditation. In turn, neurons link in a more balanced, holistic approach. A balanced holistic approach may be described as a grateful, appreciative, and thankful personality.


      If you'd like a little more technical information on how the brain migrates through meditation, here's a good article for you: 

The science explaining why you should meditate every dayby Rebecca Gladding, M.D.


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