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2 P.M. Class covers TEN BASICS perfect for beginners.  It is also ideal for seasoned dancers to study technique for lead and follow.  From these 10 basics multiple intermediate moves develop; therefore, they are most important in West Coast Swing.


The Basic Beginners Class is structured so that a first time student does not need to know what was taught the week before.  This makes class especially comfortable if you need to miss an occasional Sunday.  It is suggested Beginning students repeat the five-week series approximately three times.


The TEN BASICS are a prerequisite to Debbie’s Intermediate class.

Ten Basics include:

 4 specific Whips, 3 Passes, 1 Push, 1 Starter Step and 1 Tuck-send out




3 P.M. Class covers a diverse arrangement of dance patterns.

Each Sunday, low intermediate patterns are introduced. 

As the entire class masters the pattern, a higher level of the same pattern

is introduced.   Over five weeks of practice, patterns continue to develop

into strong Intermediate patterns with multiple exit options.


Each Intermediate pattern relates to the Ten Basic steps.


4 P.M. Styling Class introduces playful timing, styling footwork, and

creativity on the dance floor.  It is essential you know the rhythm of WCS

before attempting to stylize the Basics. Syncopated timing steps, splits, slides,

body rolls, turns, ronde’s, single-leg spins, shoulder rhythms, and jazz holds are just a few ways to make this fabulous dance even more fun.  This class answers the how-to’s and where-to-do-it-in-the-dance dilemma.   Personal styling is developed and encouraged.

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West Coast Swing Class Descriptions

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West Coast Swing Pattern List:


10 BASICS for West Coast Swing


Ten Basic Moves:  These ten steps are taught in my Basics Level class. 

They are a prerequisite to dance Intermediate Level class


  1. WHIP – Basic                   

  2. WHIP – Apache                

  3. WHIP – with Inside Turn    

  4. WHIP – with Outside Turn

  5. SIDEPASS                     

  6. LEFT SIDEPASS            

  7. UNDERARM PASS         

  8. PUSH                            

  9. TUCK SEND OUT          







12 INTERMEDIATE Principle Patterns for West Coast Swing


12 Principle Patterns:  Each pattern is developed from of one of the 10 Basics


1.  STARTER STEP w/ Back n Bump

2.  SEND OUT w/ Inside Turn

3.  PUSH  w/ Crosshand

4.  SIDEPASS w/ Inside Turn


 a. Lead from (L)

b. Lead from (R)

6.  SIDEPASS w/ Two Hand Tuck

 a. Exit from (R)

 b. Exit from (L)

7.  LOCK WHIP  [aka Basket Whip]





 a. Entrance from Push

 b. Entrance from Tuck Sidepass

12. SIDEPASS w/ Free Spin Exit – Leaders(R) to Followers(L)


We are having so much fun on Sundays.  It’s o.k. if you miss a week. We Review, Reset, Replay, Redemo…    it’s All Good!


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