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Align Yourself with Abundant Prosperity

Incase you missed our Q & A session for our first two weeks of Prosperity training,

Here's the REPLAY!!


If you want to shift your current prosperity, start with Yourself from within.


The Universe does not reflect your current physicality, it reflects your current metaphysical reality - meaning - What You are thinking and believing about yourself is magnetizing the same result into your life. It becomes how you identify yourself.


Do you catch yourself slipping back to old thought patterns like...

"this is taking too long; this is never going to happen for me" ?

Presto! The universe will supply what you just confirmed - this will never happen for me.

REPROGRAM your thoughts. No matter who tells you differently.

Do not buy into their thought patterns. BE A DREAMER and DREAM BIG. Listen to the little voice inside your HEART (not head.)

Have the Courage to Do what that little voice of Wisdom inside you tells you to do - No Matter What!!

This practice strengthens your awareness muscle. It connects your intention, your feeling center, and your mindset beliefs aligning them with your dream vision.

When this is done with regularity, you are able to shift into a different vibration and attract new things into your life.

Your vibration magnetizes an equal vibration that matches your current intention.  A new reality is designed to include the epic results you want… what you are ready to receive will flow to you with calm, ease, and Joy!

Once you learn how to raise your current vibration and connect with vision, everything starts changing around you.

If you are paying attention, you may start noticing little changes right away.

Money starts showing up in different forms, for example, friends giving you meaningful gifts, a stranger pays for your coffee, or the very thing you want is on sale when you go to buy it.  You may notice an influx of people who are very kind and generous. The restaurant doesn’t charge for your appetizers or offers a complimentary glass of wine. Parking spaces open up just as you arrive.

The best part is your life flows freely and you feel time has expanded.

Take notice of the small things and the BIG things will soon follow.

Jot down what you're noticing and share it with ME!! I want to hear what's shifting in your life.


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